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With thousands of available applications already in existence in these early days of Android technology, choosing to compare the advanced apps from the not-so-advanced apps is a daunting task. Just as everyone has unique needs, we selected advanced apps for this book based solely on what impressed us. Your proverbial mileage may vary.

Before continuing with our choices for advanced applications, a word of warning is due. The Android base software changes often: In only a few months, we've seen the SDK change from 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.5-pre to 1.5, using names like "cupcake" to designate the newest version of the base software. Quite possibly, such changes (sometimes made to your cellphone OTA—that is, over the air)—can break the functionality of a favorite advanced application. This is an unfortunate but, thankfully, rare event. Most of the time, the makers of the advanced applications are aware of these changes, and occasionally you'll be automatically informed of an updated version of the application that's available for download. We recommend that you always download these updated versions.

Having written all that, we now proceed to list advanced applications, divided by category and listed in alphabetical order.

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