Additional Options

When you're in a map view, you can press the Menu key to open a menu of additional options:

■ Search—Opens a search box at the top of the page that you can use to search for other locations anywhere in the world.

■ Directions—Opens the address fields at the bottom of the screen so that you can change either the starting or ending address. You also can touch the Route button to open the written directions (instead of the map) to that location.

■ Clear Map—Clears out the current map settings. This is useful if you've left the map set to directions from a previous trip and you want to clear out those directions.

■ My Location—Takes the map back to your current location, based on a GPS reading.

■ Map Mode—Enables you to switch among Map, Satellite, Traffic, and Street View. We've been working with Map view so far, but you'll learn more about the other three types of views in the next section, "Changing the Map View."

■ More—Opens an additional menu that gives you access to three more commands. History opens a list of addresses that you've searched for in the past and used as your starting points. Zoom enables you to zoom in or out on the map that's shown. About opens a window that shows data about the Maps program.

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