Additional Browser Options

One last option on the browser menu is the More icon. When you open the More option, it brings up a whole new menu (or submenu) of available options, as shown in Figure 5.17. Those options include the following:

■ Back—Takes you back to the previous page.

■ Forward—If you navigated back to a previous page, returns you to the last page.

■ History—Shows a history of the pages you've visited. You can clear the history by pressing the Menu key while on the history page. The Clear History option appears; touch it to delete your entire history.

■ Downloads—Takes you to a page that displays your download history. Touch any one of the files to go to that file, or press the Menu key to open the options to Clear List or Cancel Download (if a download is in progress).

■ Page Info—Shows the title and web address of the page you're currently visiting. This information opens in a pop-up window. When you're done viewing it, touch OK to close the window.

■ Bookmark Page—Takes you to the New Bookmark page that you saw previously. This is just an alternative way to bookmark web pages.

■ Share Page—Opens a Gmail message with the URL for the current page included. Enter an email address, add a subject and any body text that you want to add, and then press Send to send the message with the link included.

■ Flip Orientation—Changes the orientation of the browser from landscape to portrait. You can also accomplish the same task by opening the slide-out keyboard. However, when you use the Flip Orientation option in this menu to display the browser in landscape mode, it remains that way even when the keyboard is closed.

■ Zoom—Opens the zoom controls for the web page. You can access the same controls by moving the page with your finger.

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