Adding Events

Adding events to the Calendar is pretty easy, but you must do it from within the application. To add an event—which Google calls an appointment—from any view, follow these steps:

1. Press the Menu button.

2. Touch New Event. The Event details screen appears.

3. Add the details of the event that you want to create. Details include what, when, where, description, calendar (if you have multiple calendars set up), reminders, and repeats.

4. When you're finished filling in the event creation form, touch Save to create the appointment. If you use Google Calendar online, this appointment will be copied to your calendar online the next time your calendar syncs.

You have other options for adding events, too. You can add events from any screen except the Agenda screen by using a long touch on the time or date that you want to add the appointment. Then follow the same steps to set the appointment. When you're done, you're returned to the previous view of the calendar.

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