Few Programmer Analyst Tips

For programmers or systems analysts thinking about how to implement these ideas, it's good to think of the Android cellphone as just the displayer of what you want users to see. Even though the computer in the Android cellphone is a powerful one, there's no reason to burden the handset with excessive number crunching, database lookups, or even data collating from multiple sources on the Internet; those functions are best done by a powerful, dedicated server.

When that server has done its job and is ready to present output to the user, you can concentrate on writing the Android application to use it. One tip for converting a good idea to an Android application is to write it as a normal application for a PC and then have that converted to use the Android cellphone as the remote input/output device. Creating and testing a good idea in this way is significantly easier than starting at the finish line of the Android cellphone itself.

Another useful tip is to study the Google applications that are designed to automatically synchronize data between a Google account and the cellphone. This is a good model to emulate in any advanced application you are working on. (More information on this is comes later in the chapter, in the section "Creating Advanced Apps.")

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