Bit More on Bluetooth and GPS

The other two connections—Bluetooth and GPS—are used for services such as mapping, tracking, and audio connections. These are standalone services, but developers can also connect them to other applications for use in web-based programs.

However, these two services can seriously drain the Android phone's battery life. Both Bluetooth and GPS have radio capabilities. That means they're always on and they're always eating battery life, as if it's fine chocolate.

Radio in an application means that the application sends out a search signal periodically. For example, a GPS radio periodically sends out a GPS signal, trying to locate a GPS network to which it can connect. If no such network is found, the application resends the search signal after a specified amount of time. If a compatible network is found, the application tries to connect to that network. When connected, it remains connected until the network is out of range or is manually disconnected.

To help preserve your battery life, you need to know how to enable the Bluetooth and GPS when you need it and disable it when you don't.

Follow these steps to enable or disable Bluetooth:

1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key and select Settings. Alternatively, from the Home screen, touch the applications menu, and then select Settings.

2. The Settings screen opens. Touch Wireless Controls.

3. The Wireless controls screen opens, as shown in Figure 5.1. To enable Bluetooth, touch the checkbox to the right of Bluetooth to place a check mark in it. To disable it, touch the box again to remove the check mark.

4. When you're finished, press the Home key to save your settings and return to the Home screen.

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Wireless controls

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Set up & manage wireless access points

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