Rectangles can be drawn in a few different ways, the easiest being to specify the left y coordinate, the top x coordinate, the right y coordinate, and the bottom x coordinate along with a Paint object.




float leftx = 20;

float rightx = 50;

float bottomy = 100;

canvas.drawRect(leftx, topy, rightx, bottomy, paint);

Another means to draw a rectangle is to pass in a RectF object. RectF is a class that defines a rectangle using float values representing the left, top, right, and bottom coordinates.

Paint paint = new Paint(); float leftx = 20; float topy = 20; float rightx = 50; float bottomy = 100;

RectF rectangle = new RectF(leftx,topy,rightx,bottomy);

canvas.drawRect(rectangle, paint);

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