A circle can be drawn by specifying a center point (x and y) and radius. The following code will be rendered as shown in Figure 4-6.



float radius = 20;

canvas.drawCircle(x, y, radius, paint); 31 Slffl® 3:19 PM

Figure 4-6. Circle


A path is a series of lines that can be used to create an arbitrary shape. To draw a path, we first have to construct a Path object. The Path object can have any number of calls telling it to move to a point without drawing, using moveTo, or draw a line to a point using lineTo. Of course, there are methods for drawing arcs and so on. Documentation of these methods can be found in the documentation of the Path class at

The Path can then be passed to the Canvas method drawPath.

Paint paint = new Paint(); paint.setStyle(Paint.Style.STROKE); paint.setColor(Color.GREEN); Path p = new Path();

// Without the first "moveTo", drawing will start at (0,0)

canvas.drawPath(p, paint);

Of course, we aren't limited to just drawing lines, shapes, and points. We can draw text on the Canvas as well, using the method drawText; we simply pass in the text to draw as

Android Canvas Moveto Lineto
Figure 4-7. Path

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