Audio and Video Bitrates

Video encoding bitrates can be set using the setVideoEncodingBitrate method on the MediaRecorder and passing in the bitrate requested in bits per second. A low bitrate setting for video would be in the range of 256,000 bits per second (256 kbps), while a high bitrate for video would be in the range of 3,000,000 bits per second (3 mbps).


We can also specify the maximum bitrate that we would like used for the encoded audio data. We do so by passing the value as bits per second into the setAudioEncodingBitRate method on the MediaRecorder. For reference, 8,000 bits per second (8 kbps) is a very low bitrate that is appropriate for audio that needs to be delivered in real time over slow networks, while rates of 196,000 bits per second (196 kbps) and higher are not uncommon for music in MP3 files. Currently most Android devices support bitrates only on the low end of the spectrum, and the MediaRecorder will automatically select a bitrate within its supportable range should you choose one that is too high.


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    What bitrate does Android record videos at?
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