About the Technical Reviewers

Steve Bull has been coding and manipulating mobile devices since his days at Paul Allen's Interval Research in Palo Alto. As a mixed-media technology artist and entrepreneur, for the last nine years Bull has created location-specific narratives and games that explore the social, technological and creative possibilities of cell phones. He can be reached at www.stevebull.org.

Wallace Jackson is a seasoned multimedia producer and i3D programmer for Acrobat3D PDF, Android mobile apps, iTV Design, JavaFX, and JavaTV. He has been designing rich media since the Atari ST1040 and AMIGA 3000 and has been writing for leading multimedia publications on new media content development since the advent of Multimedia Producer magazine nearly two decades ago. He can be reached at www.wallacejackson.com.

Easy Software Profits

Easy Software Profits

Here's How Anyone Can Start, Build and Run their Own Successful Software Empire Without Knowing the First Thing About Programming, Scripting Or Any 'Coder' Stuff. There is no doubt about it software sells. Software has a high percieved value and it solves problems for people.  A claim that can't always be made for PDF books, Video products and the like.

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