When to Write a Press Release

The first question often asked is, When should I write a press release? The following situations warrant issuing a press release for your app:

• Newly shipping app—If you have just placed your app for sale on the Android Market, this is a perfect time to issue a press release. You want to get the word out, and this is a very good way to alert the public and your buying audience that you just posted your app for sale on the Android Market.

• Updated app—If you have just updated your app with new features, fixes, or other enhancements you want to let your audience know about, a press release is a great way to announce that your app has been updated.

• Free app issued—Perhaps you have just issued a free app to complement your paid app. This is an excellent time to issue a press release announcing your free app. This will drive instant downloads and will absolutely help spur sales of your paid app.

• Second app in a series—Perhaps you have written a second app in a group of similar apps. A press release shows a steady drumbeat of activity for your apps and your brand. One developer built eight apps and so each week for eight weeks he did a press release for each one. This kept his apps in the news and helped him to build up his audience base.

• Download milestone reached—Perhaps you have achieved a significant number of downloads and you want to let the world know that your app is doing well. Depending on your type of app, you can issue a press release when you have achieved several thousand downloads or more.

• Place of your app into an Android Market category—If you are fortunate to have your app place into the "Top Selling" category, you will definitely want to issue a press release announcing the good news.

• New developer added to your team—If you are building a small company and a brand, you can issue a press release announcing the addition of a new team member to your company. At the same time you can mention in the press release the apps you develop to remind the readers about your apps.

In short, you can do a press release for many reasons, and you should always be thinking about when you are going to issue your next press release. Marketing is all about keeping your message in front of your audience. If you see your sales slowing for your app, a good way to energize them is to do a press release. If you go to any medium-to-large company's website (Intel, IBM, Google, Adobe, Mobclix, AdMob, and so on), you'll notice it has frequent press releases and the company posts them in the media center of its site.

Google's Android Market site, shown in Figure 9.1, has frequent announcements, many in the form of official press releases. If you search for "Android apps" in the News section of Google.com, you'll see all kinds of hits for the latest news for Android apps, as shown in Figure 9.2. Each time you do a press release, you should post the press release to your own product website. You can easily create a "News" or "Media" tab for your site. Newer press releases can be placed on your home page for a month or two following the issuance of your press release.

Figure 9.1 Google's Android Market website has frequent press releases that are displayed on its website. You should always post your press releases and news items to your own product website as well.

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Figure 9.2 A Google news search for "Android Apps" on Google.com will reveal the latest news stories for this selected topic. You can sort by date or relevance.

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