Using Twitter

• Forward other relevant posts to your followers. When you do a press release, be sure to Tweet out to your followers with a link to your announcement. Ask your followers to do you a favor and re-Tweet the post to their followers. This will help you spread the word about your app, and this helps you establish a sense of community with like-minded users of your app.

• Drive traffic to your site. Once you have a large enough following, you can use Twitter to drive people to your product website and directly to the Android Market to review your latest app. You can also make app updates with your improved graphics, sounds, and so on available.

• Post comments or questions about your app. One of the best ways to communicate to your followers that you are working on a fix or an enhancement to your app is to Tweet about it. This will help get conversations going about your app.

Twitter allows you to create a personal account or a business account with less delineation. If you already have a personal account on Twitter, keep that account for personal communications. You can set up a separate account for your brand or your app. It doesn't hurt, though, to Tweet about your app to family and friends. If you plan to build multiple Android and Android tablet apps, then you should create a Twitter ID that is inclusive of your brand, such AndroidAppsGuy or some name that will describe your company rather than a single app. An example of the Twitter account-creation page is shown in Figure 7.5.

Just like any social network site, setting up your account is the easy part. Building your contacts happens over time. You can do a search for different people who might have interest in your app and begin to follow them. To follow people, you simply click their Twitter icon and then click Follow. In many cases when you follow someone, that person will also follow you back.

There are whole books on how to make the best use of Twitter. However, the important thing to remember from an app marketing perspective is that this tool is at your disposal to assist you in marketing your apps. Twitter is helpful when you want to communicate short messages to your audience, either to ask a question or to direct them to take a look at your app.

Figure 7.5 Creating a Twitter account for your Android and Android tablet brand/app can be done in minutes.
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