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LinkedIn started out as a site for business professionals to stay connected, and although it has morphed into much more, its primary purpose remains the same. Just like many social media sites, LinkedIn has added lots of features, such as complex search capabilities, advertising, job postings, and groups. Its power for you as an app marketer lies in the fact that there are literally thousands of groups you can review and join to take part in discussions and promote your apps. For example, a recent search of LinkedIn for "Android apps" revealed 28 such groups. An example of such a search is shown in Figure 7.7. They are sorted by group size by default, with the largest groups at the top of the list. A search of "Android developers" reveals 59 groups, some with more than 10,000 members!

Figure 7.7 A search of groups on "Android apps" shows 28 groups.

If you haven't signed up for LinkedIn, you should. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your developer skills or marketing skills and to showcase your apps with a professional community. It will take you about half an hour to do a really nice job of listing all your skills and attributes for this site. After you have registered, you can locate and join Android app groups that allow you to contribute your expertise and inform people of your apps and their availability.

LinkedIn's advanced search functionality also lets you locate people, groups, and companies you may have an interest in contacting. For example, you can search for people using "Android app developers," and LinkedIn will respond with a list of hundreds of developers! Perhaps you are looking for another developer to team up with on a project; this is a great site for doing that.

It will take some time for you to build up your connections to other people. Many on LinkedIn have earned a badge of respect with more than 500 connections. That's a nice network to have when you are looking for development opportunities or any type of work. What's more, you can post a comment to the "What are you working on?" link.

One of the most powerful ways to get your message across about your app is through a YouTube video. There are now more than 1 billion YouTube downloads of videos each day. This is because most people would rather watch something about an app than read about it. So, a video is a must when you are trying to market your Android and Android tablet apps. Your video should be posted on your product website and blog. It should also be used when contacting reviewers to attract their attention. Reviewers are so stretched for time that they would rather watch something than read about it. You can post a link to your app's video wherever you have an online presence.

Creating and posting your own YouTube video has never been easier. With just a video camera and your app, you can create a compelling video that will eventually be viewed thousands of times, perhaps millions of times if it catches on. We all probably know about the famous "Will it Blend?" videos posted on YouTube a few years ago. In one video segment the founder of Blendtec grinds up an iPhone ( in his blender! The video has had more than 8 million views and has created remarkable sales for this company. The video was catchy and provocative, something you need to think through carefully when you create yours. A screen capture of this incredibly successful video is shown in Figure 7.8.

Here are a few basic ideas to help you develop your Android and Android tablet app video:

• Keep the video short! No more than two minutes in length.

• Make your video engaging. Humor, where appropriate, doesn't hurt.

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