Using Blogs

Blogging has been around for some time now and is still an incredibly popular and powerful communication tool. Blogging can help you market your Android and Android tablet app in several ways. The first and easiest way to utilize blogging is to get to know some bloggers who write about Android and Android tablet apps. These people have already established a following with their blogs and can give you a hand in getting a review of your app or at least giving your app a mention. There are many blogs that do Android and Android tablet app reviews where you can submit your app. It's always best if you have established some type of relationship with the blogger before reaching out to him or her for a review. Obviously, if the blogger knows you, he or she will be more inclined to look at your app ahead of someone else's. An example of an app review site that is a blog is shown in Figure 7.6.

Be sure to search on blog sites that discuss the topic of your particular app, even if they don't typically review Android and Android tablet apps. They might just be interested in discussing your app as an interesting blog post. Remember that most bloggers are usually looking for good topics to blog about. Sometimes even the best bloggers run out of ideas, and you may come along at just the right time with a very interesting app for them to discuss.

Figure 7.6 A blog that functions as an app review site.

The second way to utilize blogs is to create your own. If you don't have a product website for your app, you can use a blog page to set up a site quickly. It is easy to set up a blog to discuss and showcase your apps. You can post videos and graphics to your blogs. Starting up a blog is free and easy; you can go to WordPress (www., TypePad (, MovableType (www.movabletype. com), Blogger (, or one of hundreds of other blog sites.

Once you have your blog set up, you can promote your apps on your blog. Post the press release about your app on your blog. You can integrate your blog into other social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn so more people will visit your blog and comment on your posts.

Having your own blog is a time commitment. You have to enter posts at least a couple of times each week or you won't build up a following for your brand or your apps. Once again, building a following is hard work and takes persistence. If you stop blogging for weeks and months at a time, you won't attract much of a following. It's interesting, but in this time-crunched society, we always look at the posting dates of articles and especially blogs. If we see January 6, 2009 as the last post, we tend to click away, looking for newer content.

Using RSS

RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, can be considered a subset to blogging. RSS feeds help you spread your blogs and help people keep in touch with you whenever you have a new blog post. Using RSS, your readers can filter and aggregate similar content so that they are receiving the content they desire. You will want to provide RSS

capability on your blog and your product website so that people can sign up for your blog posts and receive information that is important to them. There are a number of RSS tools a reader can use to aggregate content, such as Google Reader, Google News, Yahoo!News, FeedBurner, and so on.

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