Use Google to Help

If your app is a game, you can get lots of ideas by simply Googling a particular topic for ideas. For example, if your app is a road racing game, you can get lots of ideas by going to Google and typing in road racing. You will find an unlimited list of ideas. Some other topics that might help you in your search are listed here. Simply go to Google and type them in:

• Stars and planets (games, science, astrology apps)

• Finance and money (financial, education, utilities apps)

• Sports players and teams (sports, health and fitness, education apps)

• Cartoon characters (games, other apps)

• Presidents of countries (education, books, other apps)

• Travel (navigation, education, books, other apps)

• Shows and entertainment (entertainment, other apps)

• Fitness training (health, fitness, education, other apps)

• Children's books (books, games, education, other apps)

• Electronics and computers (games, sports, education, other apps)

• Music and musical instruments (games, music, books, other apps)

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