Updates to Your App Write About Whats New and Exciting

The following scenarios are opportunities to write about or possibly issue a press release on what's new and exciting concerning your app:

• A new review posted by an external source. (Include the highlights of the review on the Android Market.)

• A download milestone reached. (Include specifics, such as "over 100,000 copies downloaded.")

• Additional app added to your portfolio. (Introduce your new app in your app text.)

• When your app is added to any Android Market category, such as New and Noteworthy, Staff Picks, and What's Hot.

Of course, whenever you have updates that are newsworthy, you should also post them to your product website as well. The business of online selling (of any kind) requires your content to be ever-changing and exciting. If you let the content on the Android Market or on your product website become stale, you will find your customers losing interest in your apps.

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