Track Specific App Events

Events include almost anything that occurs during the operation of your app. Events can be tracked for frequency, duration, or a combination of factors. A developer can track a feature being used, a button being pressed, or the time to complete a task. If you are selling an educational app, you may want to get some information on how long it takes the typical user to complete an exercise or how long it takes to take a quiz. Developers can also gather valuable information on how long a certain process or task takes a user. For example, an app that handles finances might track how long it takes the typical user to balance his or her checkbook. Understanding this information allows the developer to modify the code, focusing on improving the most-used features.

Event tracking is like having a user panel give you feedback about your app. Rather than a live user panel reviewing your app and providing input, you are gathering the data electronically. Precision apps such as games will benefit from gathering analytics data on how they are being used. Levels of play can be analyzed to see if the player is moving through the game in a normal manner or if some adjustments need to be made. You want your game to be more challenging at each level but not so much that it's impossible to win. Analytics will help you gather crucial data to make just the right adjustments for a game.

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