Tie Your App to Part of a Wider Solution

Perhaps the most popular category of apps is that of social networking-related apps. Any time there is a powerful and well-known Internet application such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and others, there is an opportunity for you to create an ancillary app to one of these (and many more) Web 2.0 technologies. Look for ways to add value to these applications and you may be able to create a blockbuster app that people will purchase to help them use these other technologies. Figure 2.9 shows a clever app that can aid Facebook users in updating their status. Figure 2.10 is another example that helps you use Twitter from your Android phone.


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Figure 2.9 Look to create apps that add value to Web 2.0 technologies.

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I wit Pro is full featured, super fast, easy to use I witter client for your phone. Directly post messages, pictures and videos to Twitter from your phone. View all the posts in real-bme, view timeline, tavontes and direct messages. Follow usws. Perform riudrby & cusloin sudichus, view hut trending topics & much more...

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Figure 2.10 Twitter and many other social networking sites lend themselves well to creating add-on apps.

The Twitter Blueprint

The Twitter Blueprint

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