Tie Your App into Trends and News

Trends are always occurring around the world; look no further than the Internet or cable news stations for ideas. Here are some trend ideas to help you get your thought process moving:

• Going green—Look for opportunities in this space on how someone can use an Android app to make a difference in the world. How about an app that helps you drive more economically or an app designed to reduce your cost of heating or cooling? An example of such an app is shown in Figure 2.4, as shown on Androlib (www.androlib.com), and it capitalizes on the very popular "green" trend. Other green areas you could consider include how to save water, make your own cleaning supplies, composting, recycling, walking and biking instead of driving, and so on.

Figure 2.4 An example of a "green" app that helps drivers save gas and money by tracking their mileage and gas usage, as shown on Androlib, a popular Android app website.

• Eating healthy—A lot of money is spent each year by consumers who want to eat better, feel better, and live longer. This is a long-term trend that has lots of growth opportunity. Apps to consider for this area might be meal planners and the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, and so on. Contact publishers of health books and ask if they would like to partner with you to write a healthy Android app to be included with every book sale for free. You could also contact health food product companies with the same idea. An example of these types of eating healthy apps is shown in Figure 2.5 from Androlib.

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Figure 2.5 Eating healthy is a strong trend, and many apps could be created for this category.

• Fashion—Fashion trends are always popular, and you can look to design all kinds of apps around them. One idea is an app that helps someone dress with clothes that match. (Dare I say that men need this type of app more than women? Children and teens could use it as well.) Another idea is an app that allows someone to get the latest updates in fashion trends—for example, which accessories (such as hats and boots) are in or out this year?

• Home décor and design—This is a huge trend because people want to make their homes comfortable through quick projects and full renovations. There are tons of ideas for developing apps that help someone get organized, landscape an old rundown backyard, create a new look with paint and other inexpensive supplies, and so on. An example of a landscaping app is shown in Figure 2.6 from Androlib.

Figure 2.6 An app that helps you landscape your home's exterior utilizing a database of numerous plants and how to care for them.

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