Tie Your App into Seasons and Holidays

Another way to come up with a winning app is to look at seasons and holidays for ideas. The only problem with seasonal apps is, well, they are seasonal. You'll see a burst of sales for apps tied to a particular holiday or season and then sales will drop off dramatically after it has passed. One strategy is to create multiple apps for different holidays so you are focusing on selling apps all year long. This means, however, that you will have to apply your marketing efforts to selling your brand with some specific holiday sales campaigns for each app during its holiday.

Seasonal apps can do better because a season can last for a number of months. There are apps for all seasons. Figure 2.7 shows one for summer.

Games, however, can transcend all seasons and do well with consistent marketing. Games such as downhill skiing, shown in Figure 2.8, can do well all year long if they are fun and exciting.

Figure 2.7 Seasonal apps can be sold for longer periods of time and can sell well all year, depending on the app.
Figure 2.8 Games, even if they are seasonal, can do well all year long when marketed well.

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