Targeting Your Market

health issue. If the app is geared toward giving treatment options, it may be targeted to a health care worker. Savvy Android marketers will recognize the best market for their apps and provide appropriate messaging to their particular audience (or, in other words, the "heavy users" of the apps).

The other important point here is that once you have identified your target market, keep them coming back for additional applications. Every customer win should be cared for so that you can sell them additional apps or other products from your own website. Smart developers not only plan to sell one app but a series of apps to the same customer. In an effort to build their brand, some developers also sell other items on their product websites, including hats and t-shirts. This is not to build another income stream but to help establish a brand and keep their customers coming back to their site. Don't be a one-hit wonder. Think longer term and get to know your market segment well. In turn, it will treat you well.

A number of developers are creating their game apps in such a way that they are constantly updating them to generate customer interest. Their strategy has been to first attract a following to their apps and then constantly release updates to keep the customers coming back. This accomplishes a couple things. First, it keeps the customers engaged in using the apps, because a lot of app buyers tend to get bored rather quickly. Second, it gives the app developers another opportunity to go out with a press release announcing the new version, which helps drive sales on a continuous basis.

Market segmentation is a necessity when you're selling an Android app. Segmentation starts when you post your app on the Android Market through the categorization required by the store. Some developers are not sure what category their app should be placed in and should seek the opinions of others for help. Game developers can use one or two subcategories to help them segment their game within a very large market.

Beyond the Android Market segmentation, as a developer, you must also look at and understand your market from a demographic perspective. This will help you craft the right message—one that enables your audience to understand what your

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