Multiple strategies can be used to monetize your Android apps. The first strategy is to create a single app that is completely free, with ads. Your strategy is to make money by getting people to click through on the ads displayed within your app. Many users will download the app because it's free and they don't mind seeing the ads come across their Android device every 30 seconds.

The next strategy is to create an Android app that serves ads but also includes an option to upgrade the user to the paid version of the app. If you're going to serve up ads on your app, it makes sense to include an option for the user of your app to make an in-app purchase of your app. Some apps do this and others don't. I recommend that you include this option.

The last strategy is to create a paid app along with a corresponding free app. This is the best strategy for most developers because they can build a following and attract customers. In the extremely competitive Android Market, you must do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. Remember to only give away enough functionality in your free app to interest your users in getting the paid app.

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