The Internet and its myriad tools have made it possible for independent developers to gain significant exposure for their apps while managing their unique budgets. Using the right marketing techniques, independent developers can build their brands and gain exposure for their apps in ways unheard of just a few years ago. The challenge for independent developers is to determine which tools will have the most impact for their particular apps.

Generating positive press and positive word of mouth takes hard work. For developers who are aggressive, there are many opportunities to get the word out about their apps. There are still many opportunities to garner free press through newspapers, TV, and radio if you are willing to contact editors and reporters and pitch the idea behind your app. Be willing to give them a free copy and be ready to demo the app, answer questions, and even help write the article if necessary. Free press in a newspaper means that the article will be posted online. Once online, the story about your app can be syndicated across many media outlets. Bottom line: You must achieve momentum to get your app sales moving.

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