Promotions and cross-selling should be a part of your overall app marketing plan. You can't afford not to explore these approaches when the competition for apps is so strong. Promotions, when done right, can help you increase your profits and raise your brand awareness. Another benefit of doing promotions is that they can be repeated multiple times, especially if you find success with one type of promotion over another.

Contests can be done as promotions, even on a limited budget. You can sponsor a contest where the user of your app demonstrates how he or she has used your app in a creative way. You can give away cash prizes, hardware, software, t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other items. Contests will drive awareness and downloads for your app.

Using cross-selling and up-selling techniques on your app buyers is another effective approach. You can cross-sell add-on packs for your apps or subscriptions that generate additional or recurring revenue for you. Always attempt to up-sell your buyer from a free version of your app to the paid version. Do not assume that if you have a free app that your user will automatically move to the paid version. He or she must be invited to do so.

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