If you have developed an app that does not fall in the game category and caters to a narrow audience, you should consider carefully the concept of selling value over price. Many apps will not become blockbuster hits on the Android Market but they serve a very specific audience. You want to maximize your revenue with this smaller audience by selling value over price.

Apps that improve productivity and help solve a problem or save money are candidates for value pricing instead low pricing. The key to selling value is that your web and Android Market content must communicate one or all of these components: quality, usefulness, and return on investment. Buyers will almost always purchase your app if they believe they are getting more from your app than indicated by the price. The mentality for app buyers depends on the type of app being sold.

Someone who is looking to play games or pass the time will be looking for low-priced and free apps. Buyers tend to download an app and use it on average ten times before they forget about it, become bored with it, or delete off their Android. People who are looking to solve a specific business or personal problem will be willing to spend some money on an app. They will also tend to use the app much more frequently, especially if it proves useful for their scenario.

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