Companies across the globe are starting to realize that they need to take their product message to their users, wherever they are. As their users are moving toward mobile platforms, smart marketers are looking for ways to leverage this new and exciting technology. Android users provide an "always connected" opportunity where they invite certain forms of advertising—advertising that is clever and at the same time useful.

Many companies are finding that building an Android app can help them extend their brand reach, increase customer interaction, and increase loyalty. They usually don't charge for the app because they can obtain tens of thousands of downloads for a free app and keep their name in front of the users. Companies are shifting some of their ad budget to building an Android app instead of spending it elsewhere.

Other companies are using mobile technology to extend the usefulness of existing web-based tools. These apps are used in banking, commerce, social networking, and many other areas to create extensions of existing services to the mobile platform. It's almost a necessity to provide a mobile-based app as part of regular online access. Companies that embrace mobile technology will experience greater customer satisfaction and retention than those who wait to implement a mobile app. In the not-too-distant future, having a mobile app available will be a prerequisite for many customers when choosing a vendor.

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