If possible, always have a pricing strategy before you post your app for sale. Know exactly where you plan to set your app price. Be sure to research your entire category for app prices. If you are selling a game, be sure to look at the categories of games for your specific prices. Reports by research companies such as Distomo can be very helpful in providing the latest app-pricing information.

Keep your price set for the first few months so you can gather sufficient data about how sales are trending. Product reviews will often reveal that your price is right or your price is too high. If your price is too high, you can do a price drop. A price drop is a reason to issue a press release. You should also make it known on your product website and on the Android Market.

Temporary price drops should have an expiration date associated with them to help spur the buyer into action. If a promotion shows that your sales increase dramatically, you may want to consider permanently dropping your price.

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