In this chapter we have covered the importance of proper timing of your marketing activities. Buyers of apps are influenced by a number of factors, including how recently they have purchased their Android, how many apps they have already downloaded onto their device, and how much money they feel they can afford to spend on apps.

Your app could be subject to seasonal influences if it is based on a holiday or particular event during the year. You may see 65%-80% of your sales during a few months out of the year if your app is designed to help someone with a certain seasonal challenge such as taxes.

Use a press release to announce the availability of your app and try to time your press release to within a few days of the launch of your app. This will help drive momentum for your app and build sales. The press release is only one aspect of your marketing plan. You also need to include marketing campaigns targeted to your specific audience. These campaigns will help drive awareness and sales when executed properly and consistently.

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