Achieving the right marketing balance of activities and cost requires a bit of trial and error. It helps to first break out your marketing activities in pre-launch, launch, and post-launch categories. Many of the marketing activities do not cost you money but will cost you in terms of time. The activities that cost you money should be approached by using a small trial first to measure the results.

For example, place a small banner ad on a popular app game site if you are trying to sell a game app. Then measure the results to see whether this marketing method is effective for your app. If it does help you increase sales, then look to expand the ad's coverage and search out other sites where you might also advertise.

Marketing requires a constant effort. You have to be consistent in order to make people aware of your apps and download them. Some marketing activities work better for one type of app than another. Only you will be able to determine the best marketing mix for your app. Use the marketing activity tables provided in this chapter to help you get started.

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