Marketing your Android app requires much more than just a press release and a few emails to family and friends. For best results, you need to build a total app message. Your message starts with giving your app an accurate and powerful name that will stick in the minds of your buyers, making it easy for them to pass along the app name to others. Next, you must have an app icon that helps your marketing efforts by its descriptiveness graphically or by including the name of your app. Your icon, combined with the app name, helps a buyer instantly understand what your app does and its value. Having a nondescriptive icon means your buyer has to dig a little deeper to understand your app. The more you can help a buyer "connect the dots," the more likely you are to get the sale.

Another part of your total app message is your Android Market and product website text. Light and airy is the best approach because most buyers are not going to invest a lot time reading text. Remember to post prominent reviews in your text and state a few key benefits of your app, along with some bullet points to describe key features on the Android Market. You can always go into more detail about your app on your product website in an FAQ section or in a users guide. You want to strike a balance between conveying the strengths of the app and overwhelming the reader with content.

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