There is more to pricing your app than just setting the price at $0.99 and hoping for the best. Developers would do well to carefully review pricing of similar apps before setting their own price. As part of your pricing analysis, try to determine the range of prices for your particular category of Android app. You do this by checking the Android Market and taking note of the range of prices found. Once you have a price in mind, compare your features with the features of similar apps in your price range. This will help you feel more confident about your price.

Pricing your Android app at the higher end of the range for your category will give you the pricing flexibility to lower your price when needed or when you want to do a sales promotion and temporarily drop the price of your app. Do not immediately set your price at $0.99 unless you are confident that all competing apps are priced in the same range.

Some developers have adopted the strategy of giving away their app for free, either to build market share or in hopes that they can later upsell the user to their paid app.

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