Sets Prices and Defines Promotions

+ 1.55 Pricing is a big part of marketing an Android app, and you'll want i''

424 to spend some time writing down detailed notes about how you

5 arrived at your price and what you intend to do over time when

4 making adjustments to pricing your app. Your pricing information should include competitors' pricing and other notes as to why you believe your app will sell for a certain price.

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Figure 18.1 AppBrain allows you to track new apps and changes, reviews, etc. to new and existing apps on the Android Market.

Your marketing plan will also include promotions that you intend to have during the next 12 months. You may offer a launch special, such as half off to the first 500 customers (or for a limited amount of time). You may want to offer a contest announcing your app and give away an Android tablet to the person who wins your contest.

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