Selling Return on Investment

One of the most expensive apps on the Android Market is called Pilot My-Cast 8, which is currently listed for $129.95. Yes, that price will get you all the navigation you need. The company justifies the price because it is a very specialized app for a very narrow audience of pilots. Pilots are always looking for the latest electronic gadgets to help them travel more easily and efficiently. When compared against other tools that pilots purchase, this is a small price to pay for so much power in a smartphone device. An example of this application is shown in Figure 12.6.


Figure 12.6 The Android Market's most expensive app is Pilot My-Cast 8, which currently sells for $129.95.

If your app sells for more than $10, you can look for ways to communicate to your buyers that your app can save them money. One way to do this is through a case study on your product website or via your Android Market verbiage, where you explain an actual use case for your app, particularly how someone saved money by using your app. Through a case study, you should be able to demonstrate to your readers how your app has saved users money and how long it took them to realize these savings. When reading such a case study, buyers will take comfort in knowing that they will make up their investment in your app with just a few uses. This approach to selling takes away the risk for the buyers to some degree.

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