Selling Quality



Figure 12.3 Mobile navigation apps sell on quality and accuracy of their systems, thus keeping their prices far above the regular Android app price.

Any time you can provide an app that saves people time in their business or when dealing with their clients, you have an opportunity to sell your app at a higher price. You can focus your app verbiage on how your app saves users time and makes them more efficient. The more efficient business people are, the more clients they can see daily and the more they can offer in terms of better service. Your app customers will view your app as a valuable tool if it can provide this capability.

There are a number of productivity apps on the Android Market, and some geared to very specific audiences such as doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, dentists, and so on. Figure 12.4, for example, shows an app geared toward physicians that allows them to track their patients. Physicians can wirelessly write prescriptions and patient info to other databases at their office. This helps save doctors time and allows them to provide better service to their patients.

Other apps that fall into the usefulness category include calendaring and organizational apps. For you to charge a higher price than free or $0.99, your app must provide connectivity to other systems or provide a level of functionality not typically found in the less expensive apps. Figure 12.5 shows an example of an app that uploads updates to iCal and Outlook.

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