Selecting Your Social Media Tools

The first step to selecting the right social media tools is to understand where your audience is and how they communicate online. In other words, don't just sign up for a bunch of social media sites thinking you'll do a little marketing of your app without first understanding where your buyers are and how they exchange information. If you have developed a really cool app for bowlers, you can do a search on different social media sites to see how many bowling fans there are in any given community. A search for bowling fans on Facebook, for example, reveals multiple fan groups. One fan group is shown in Figure 7.1.

Figure 7.1 A search for bowling fans on Facebook reveals multiple groups, one of them quite large.

You can review groups for any topic of app that you are trying to market. However, many groups listed on Facebook are very small, sometimes 10-100, and that usually means there's not a large enough community on that particular site to really do any effective marketing. You want to locate audiences of several thousand in order to be effective. This means you have a strong community of similar users on the same site, and this can work well for your marketing efforts.

Locating and joining a group that corresponds to your app does not mean you start spamming the group about your app! Join the groups so you can see what people are talking about and how you might join in and provide value to the conversation.

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