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If you intend to create multiple apps and build a brand, having a marketing plan is a must. With a marketing plan you can create a roadmap (timeline) for when you want to release each app into the Android Market. Your plan can include a launch calendar, and you can strategically launch each app in succession. Without a calendar to track all your development and launch activities, you will experience confusion in building your brand.

Companies that provide serial types of apps will benefit by having a plan. A serial app could be one that identifies other apps for purchase on the Android Market. For example, you might develop an app that identifies the latest medical apps and provides that list inside the app. You may build an app that aggregates the best finance apps into your app. Your marketing plan will also define marketing approaches you want to take with each app that is released. Your strategy for your first app may be to release it as a free app to gain brand awareness and followers. The next app you release may be a paid app that is a follow-on to the free app. Your entire strategy can be outlined in your marketing plan.

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