Positive External Reviews

Your strategy for obtaining reviews for your app should be to contact as many Android app review sites as possible that are likely to review your app. Do not submit a non-game app to a game review site because it will simply get ignored. Seek out sites that give you the best chance for a review for your type of app. Utilize any and every contact you may have at these review sites to get your app noticed and reviewed.

Seek out other venues to get reviews of your app. For example, if you have an app that helps people learn how to garden, look for web and print publications that are focused on gardening and make a few inquiries to see if they would be interested in reviewing your app for an article. You'll be surprised how many publications will be interested in doing such a story. The reason is simple. Publications are always looking for topics that would be of interest to their readers. The Android is gaining momentum, even for those readers outside of the traditional tech world, and the Android and apps that are germane to their interests carry strong interest. You will probably have to arrange a call to demo the app for the editor or writer of the publication if they don't have an Android, but it is well worth the effort, and you circumvent the long lines at the traditional review sites.

A truly successful marketing campaign requires that you have a coordinated presentation of your message and offer for your buying audience. You will want to engage in multiple marketing "touch points" to get the word out, such as blogs, product reviews, and other social media tools. All of these delivery options presented to your prospects in a coordinated (or at least steady) fashion will lead them to purchase your app. In short, you have to develop a following for your app. As mentioned before, sometimes the pickup for an app is fast (usually involving a bit of luck) and other times the sales momentum takes more effort on your part. If you have a truly well-written app and it's not getting the downloads you deserve, it's time to roll out a marketing plan and use the ideas presented in this book to make more sales happen.

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