Picking Your Market Segment

persuaded to switch to a competitor based on its marketing efforts (better pricing, better graphics, other advantages)?

• Similarity of competitive apps in the buyers' minds—If the customer sees little difference between your app and a competitor's, you will have a problem.

• Rate of new app introductions by competitors—If innovation is the key to success in your market and you are asleep at the wheel, the competition will eventually overtake you.

Perhaps the driving force behind targeted marketing or "segmentation" is the need to satisfy and keep those consumers who really love your apps. Even large Android development companies have embraced targeted marketing, continuing to refine and target their product offerings to different buyer groups.

Marketers of most products know that 20% of your buyers consume 80% of product volume. If you could identify the buyers who make up that key 20% and focus efforts on finding others like them, you could sell much more product with much less effort. Why? Because you're not spending your marketing efforts convincing buyers they need your application—your efforts are spent targeting the potential buyers who already need your application. You just need to convince them that you are different (and better) than the competition.

Targeting existing buyers of similar apps is a great way to expand your business because they don't need to be convinced to purchase your apps. They are already looking for an app like yours. You have already done the heavy lifting and made buyers out of them.

The "heavy users" of your app can be thought of as a market "niche" that you should attempt to dominate. Targeted marketing means targeting, communicating with, selling to, and obtaining feedback from the heaviest users of your business's Android application. For example, if your market is a specific set of gamers who only like a particular type of game, you've got to make sure that your app and marketing message are spot on with that group.

If you have developed a health-related Android app, who will be the most likely buyer—the patient or the caregiver? If the app is a reference to various health symptoms, it's probably targeted to someone who needs to know more about the

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