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A key aspect of marketing your Android app is to carefully set your price. Setting your price is not a trivial matter. Part III of this book walks you through pricing considerations and helps you understand the buyer's mentality and decision-making process. You'll learn how to create promotions and cross-sell your app where possible—another important aspect of pricing. The following chapters are included in Part III:

• Chapter 10: Pricing Your App

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of developing an Android app is pricing. In this chapter you'll learn how and where to begin to price your app for maximum success.

• Chapter 11: Conducting an App Pricing Analysis

A pricing analysis will help you calculate your breakeven point—that is, how many apps you need to sell to cover your costs and start to make a profit.

• Chapter 12: Selling Value over Price

Some apps will be priced higher than the usual $0.99 or $1.99. Learn how to convey the value of your apps and get the price you're entitled to for all your hard work.

• Chapter 13: Breaking into the Android Market Top Paid Apps

You can do a number of things in an effort to get your app into the top tier of sales. Learn the best tips to reach maximum success on the Android Market.

• Chapter 14: Level the Playing Field with a Free App

Learn the pros and cons to creating a free version of your app to expand your sales. Free apps with a paid app are the trend of the future for Android applications.

• Chapter 15: The App Pricing Rollercoaster

Raising and lowering your price can have an impact on sales, but there is a cost and you'll learn it here.

• Chapter 16: App Promotions and Cross-Selling

Promotions aren't just for your local car dealership. Some promotions can work to sell your Android app. Cross-selling can also work in certain circumstances.

• Chapter 17: Using Android Analytics

Now's the time to let math be your friend. The app analytics discussed in this chapter will help you sell more of your apps. Learn the tools available for Android developers and how to interpret the results to your benefit.

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