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Carefully choose the name of your app and think about keywords you might be able to use in your app's name that will be common to users searching the Android Market. Descriptive words such as Easy, Fun, Fast, and Exciting are all common terms used in searches. If your app has these types of words, it is more likely to show up in the search results at the top of the list.

Figure 13.3 Creating an app that works with an extremely popular app will help others find your app when they do a keyword search.

Google keeps upping the quality of the Android Market search engine. When the store was initially launched the search capabilities were fairly primitive. But, with each upgrade of the Android Market, the search capability seems to improve. Google is becoming sophisticated in properly identifying the right apps for the search terms entered.

If your app is connecting to another popular app such as Twitter or Facebook, be sure to mention the app by name in the body of your copy. This can help your app to appear when someone does a search for these popular apps. You'll also want to add keywords to your web copy to assist people in locating your app. It is widely believed that the more keywords you use in your Android Market copy, the higher your app will appear in the search rankings. Don't overdo it, but a generous use of keywords can't hurt.

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