Mobclix is a mobile application platform that, as part of its solution, delivers analytics data for the Android along with its ad network. Mobclix is one of the largest mobile ad exchange networks and gives developers a sound technology if they decide to pursue an ad-generated business model.

Figure 17.1 Sample analytics from the Flurry Analytics software for the Android.
Figure 17.2 Sample analytics from Pinch Analytics software for the Android.

Mobclix Analytics

Here's a quick rundown of the cost and benefits of Mobclix Analytics: Cost:

• Analytics free to developers. Benefits:

• Determine how much time someone spends in your app.

• Determine whether users are on Wi-Fi or carrier.

• Determine what version of the Android OS is being used.

• Find out how often the app fails.

• Employ full event tracking.

• Pop up requests to gather data, with additional opt-out button.

• Get feedback directly from your users with comment plug-ins.

Figure 17.3 shows a section of the Mobclix website that allows you to download its software development kit (SDK) and implement its analytics along with its ad revenue software. The SDK installs in under 15 minutes, so it's quite easy for any developer to implement and realize its benefits.

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