Marketing Activities

For most developers, getting an app's message out will take some time and consistent marketing efforts to make buyers aware of the app. The good news is that so few apps have any marketing at all that your marketing efforts will likely pay off. Even if you apply only some of the marketing methods recommended in this book, you're bound to see improvement in your sales. If one marketing idea doesn't work, you can try something else until you get some positive results.

Some marketing activities should be timed for maximum impact. Other marketing activities are equally effective at any time, as long as they are part of a consistent marketing plan. For example, a press release announcing the launch of your app (or the re-launch of your updated app) should be timed as close as possible to when your app is posted for sale on the Android Market. I'll tell you how you can line up your posting date with your press release date later in this chapter.

Other activities, such as getting articles or blog posts out about your app, getting reviews, seeking partnerships to co-market your app, and so on, can and should be done before and after the launch of your app. These activities must be done as part of your marketing plan. It's ideal to have them coincide with your press releases, but it's usually quite difficult to make all this happen at once. If you can get a press release, app review, and a blogger all talking about your app at the same, you will generate the best outcome.

Be sure to allow adequate time to get someone to blog about your app. If you want a blogger to write about your app as your app launches, you will need to allow at least a month prior to the launch and press release to get someone lined up. People generally don't return phone calls and emails too quickly, and these things take time to get in place.

As we discussed back in Chapter 1,"Your Android App Marketing Strategy: Grand Slam or Base Hits?," successful marketing involves delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience. If you have effectively segmented your market and you have a clear message to deliver, then you want to look at the timing of your marketing campaigns and activities. Each app will vary as to how important the timing of your marketing needs to be. For example, if you are selling a holiday app, it obviously will have a certain shelf life and you'll need to time your announcement and marketing very carefully.

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