Market Analysis

After completing the objectives section of your plan, you want to create a section for market analysis. This is where you spend some time identifying your market, your competitors, and your chances for success. Going through this exercise will help you evaluate from a more analytical perspective how successful your app might be in the real world.

• Examine whether or not your app has the potential for growth. Be honest with yourself.

• If the market for your app is declining, identify the problems that exist and be able to change the ones you can. Show how you can adapt to changes that you may not control. Think of the iShoot example, where the author offered a free "Lite" version of his game and set his sales on fire!

• In a newly emerging and growing market (the best scenario), differentiate yourself from new competitors. Show how you expect to become a dominant game vendor, for example, utilizing the latest technology. Think about the new features coming in version 3 of the Android. Ascertain what new development frontiers are open to you.

• Look for ways to prolong the "life" of your app if you recognize that the market you're getting into is threatened by newly emerging apps. To advance your app in the highly competitive Android Market means finding your "niche," or creating one of your own.

• In your market analysis your focus should be on key areas such as industry-wide sales performance of Android and Android apps. Pinpoint why sales prices (as a whole) may be declining and then carefully consider if you have pricing flexibility with your particular app.

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