Integrate Your App with Other Apps

You can build your app to work with a number of very popular apps in the area of social media. Search the Android Market for popular apps around MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many others. Look for ways to enhance or expand the use of these social networking sites with your Android app.

When someone searches the Android Market for a social networking app, your app will also appear in the search results. For example, when you search the Android Market using "Twitter" as a keyword, you will bring up a number of apps that work with Twitter, such as the app shown in Figure 13.3.

Twitter And WordPress

Twitter And WordPress

Unleash the power of Twitter and WordPress to multiply your traffic. Discover the tools and tips to maximize your traffic from these two great tools. Increase your blog readers. Use Twitter to know what content your readers are craving. Leverage the power of these tools through automation to save you time.

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