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As you learned in the previous chapter, identifying your app's unique message is one of the keys to successful marketing. Now it's time to take a look at your target market so you can carefully focus your message to the right audience. Some app developers think it doesn't really matter if they identify their target market. As long as their app is on the Android Market, it will take care of itself. They think the right people will find their app regardless of what they do, especially if they get selected in the "Featured" category. You will definitely see a spike in sales while your app remains in that category. But, when your app is no longer getting top billing, your sales will drop off, and you'll be back to trying to figure out how to market your app. Therefore, identifying your target market does matter.

As shown in Figure 4.1, there are two ways to focus on driving awareness to your Android app. The first way is on the Android Market itself or other Android app sites by specifying relevant keywords for searches and deploying other techniques to make your app stand out. The second way is by driving traffic to your own product website and then convincing visitors to go to the Android Market to buy your app. You will have more influence on driving traffic to your own site than on driving it to the Android Market. Both of these areas are discussed in greater detail in other parts of this book. However, the focus of this chapter is on identifying the target audience for your app—a vital step to achieving sales success. This will also save you time and money if your marketing efforts are aligned more closely with your most likely buyer.

Two Ways to Find Your App

Product Website Searches c-\

• SEO activities

• Keywords specified by you

• Advertising

• Press releases

Figure 4.1 There are two ways to drive interest in your Android apps: Android app site search and product website searches.

You will have a general idea of who will buy your app simply by the type of app you develop. If you are developing an investing app you know your market will be investors. However, there are many categories of investors. Some are risk averse, and they will be looking for an app to suit their conservative investing needs. Other investors are interested in highly risky stock options trading and will want an app to help them make options buy/sell decisions. Games, of course, have all kinds of categories. Some games are focused on children, whereas others target the male teen market. Some games may appeal to a general audience but have as their core audience a specific demographic.

Do you know precisely who your buyer is? Do you know how many apps your audience typically buys each year? These points help you identify your target buyer.

Android App


Power search Keywords specified by you in your app name or description Be included on one of the Android Market's Featured areas V_/

What about other customers who you might provide this app to? What is the lifestyle information (recreational/entertainment activities, buying habits, cultural practices, and so on) for this target buyer? This type of information can help you in two very important ways. First, it can help you make changes to your Android app to better match what your customers likely want. Second, it can tell you how to best reach your customers through search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, promotions, marketing campaigns, and so on.

A company that sells Android golf games knows that its typical customer is a golf nut. But it also knows that its buyer is a sports fan. Therefore, if the company can build a game realistic enough to be used by professional athletes, it will have a convincing story about its quality to tell. It can also benefit by using athletes as spokespersons in its reviews and advertising, and by placing advertisements in sports magazines where its customers are likely to see them.

How can you refine your understanding of your customer base to help with marketing planning? You should examine this question from two angles:

• Segmenting the market—Dividing the existing market up into sections or segments that may become new niches for your Android app sales

• Targeted marketing— Identifying the heavy users of your app so you can direct your marketing efforts more precisely to them for repeat business

Another way to help focus your app's unique value is to take some time to segment your market. This exercise enables you to understand further whom you are selling to and what kind of concise message you can deliver to them. If the universe of all potential buyers is your "market," then the market can be divided into segments based on any number of factors.

For example, you might analyze your customers by age group and find that you sell (or will sell) most of your apps to people aged 18 to 34. You might segment them by family size and find that you sell most of your products to single men. You might divide them up by economic status and find that you sell most products to people

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