Hitting the Grand Slam

In Chapter 1 we talked about hitting the grand slam with your app. Your strategy should be to try to hit the grand slam but also keep making base hits. This way you hedge your bets. You may or may not hit the grand slam with your app, but with marketing you're going to have some base hits in terms of consistent sales. Here are some ideas for hitting a grand slam with your app:

• Identify an idea for an app that has never been done before.With tens of thousands of apps on the App Store, the chance of you coming up with an app that has never been done is difficult, but not impossible. Sometimes you have to look for an app idea to solve a problem.

For example, we are starting to see apps that help you address the sheer volume of apps available on the app store. These "recommendation apps," as I like to call them, will make headway here in 2010.

Some apps are geared toward recommending apps for a specific category or several categories that might contain the same app. These rec-ommender apps help you save time by giving you a list of apps that have been reviewed by the app developer or have gone through a peer review.

• Sign an exclusive sponsorship deal. If you have a well-written app that is seeing steady sales, you can search for corporations that are looking for an app that fits their marketing model. Most corporations either build an app or look to partner with a popular app developer to give them a marketing presence on the app store. If your app is extremely well written and has broad appeal, you may be a candidate for such a partnership. Start by evaluating your app to see if it would be a fit for any company that might be interested in building a brand.

• Gain national and prestigious recognition for your app. This method can work for almost any app, but actually the apps with a fairly narrow buying audience may have an edge. This is because the editors of publications who would cover your app are probably easier to contact and may be more responsive to doing a story about your app.

You can contact editors who would be interested in reviewing and writing about your app by going to their websites and looking up their contact information. Landing a review from a key Android magazine would create tremendous buzz for your app. An example of such a review is shown in Figure 8.1.

BoxFaceStacker Android App Review

AndroidAppReviewer| Jun 09, 2010| Comments 0

The BoxFaceStacker Android App by anddev.org is a balance game for the Android platform. The object of the game is to stack as many boxes tweet as fast as possible. To drop a box simply press on the screen and a |. ^ box will appear where you pressed. Then you will need to navigate the box by using the accelerometer feature on your Android phone to land it correctly in order to stack it The game features 2 modes of gameplay single and multiplayer with a split screen. See how your score matches up to the rest of the world with the worldwide social map highscore feature.

The graphics are simple and clean and the controls are easy to use once you get used to them. You need to drop a few boxes before you can getafeelforthe controls. The game could use a few obstacles or different modes of gameplay maybe something to consider for a paid version of the game. As is, the game is still pretty challenging.

Overall, this is a unique game for the Android platform. At the time of this review the BoxFaceStacker Android App is free. Thumbs Up.

Figure 8.1 A positive review in a major publication can generate strong traffic for your app.

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