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If you're having trouble coming up with a good app name, you can follow some simple strategies to help you move the process along. Write down answers to the following questions and list as many ideas as come to mind. Then focus on the question where the best answers come to mind. This is most likely where you're going to find the best name for your app.

• What does your app do? (Calculates net worth, organizes coupons, tabulates investments, and so on.)

• What is your app's benefit to the consumer? (Makes a busy working mom's life easier, helps students get better grades, teaches teens how to drive safely, and so on.)

• What will happen for the buyer? (Feel better, look better, run faster, become smarter, and so on.)

• What are the key features of your app? (Ten levels of play, zoom and pan functionality, 150 inputs, 3D graphics, enhanced sound, and so on.)

• How is your app different from competing apps? (Only app to have a certain functionality, multiplay features, and so on.)

• What makes your app unique? (Voted #1 by MyApp magazine.)

• Can your app play off a mainstream word or phrase already in use? (If it's a photo utility, use the word Photo in the app name, for example. A good example of playing off of other products for a product name is shown in Figure 5.8).

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