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Some developers have found success by building free apps with ads. Their strategy is to make money by achieving huge downloads for their apps and selling ad space on them. Companies that wish to advertise on the new emerging mobile platform can utilize mobile ad platforms and bid on ad placement just like with Google AdWords. This can be profitable for you as a developer if your apps achieve significant downloads and lots of users click through on ads displayed by your apps. Some developers have achieved considerable success by creating free apps and posting ads in them.

You will have to do an analysis between what you think ad revenue will generate versus what a paid app will generate. This has been a subject of great debate among developers; some saying there is not enough revenue in ads for the developer and others saying that there is. If you find that your free app is not generating the ad revenue you thought, don't abandon your free strategy. Keep in mind that the other benefits of offering your app for free go beyond just ad revenue.

There are number of different routes you as a developer can take to pursue ads on your apps. Ad network companies provide a small amount of code to install within your apps to enable ads, and there are many ad networks out there competing for your business—companies such as Traffic Marketplace, Google, Yahoo!, VideoEgg, Mojiva, Adtini, Jumptap, Quattro Wireless (acquired by Google), and ValueClick Media, to name just a few. These companies provide an ad marketplace for app developers who want to sell space on their Android apps and major companies who want to sell their products via the mobile platform.

Other companies have created ad exchanges, bringing together competing ad companies for your business and promising 100% fill rates for your app, meaning that any open time slot while your app is in use will display some sort of ad. The websites of three of the most popular ad exchange companies—AdMob (acquired by Google), Mobclix, and AdWhirl (acquired by AdMob)—are shown in Figures 14.7, 14.8, and 14.9.


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Figure 14.7 AdMob provides developers and advertisers a method for mobile advertising.
Figure 14.8 Mobclix allows developers and advertisers to provide advertising in their free apps.
Figure 14.9 AdWhirl is an aggregator of different ad networks and was acquired by AdMob in 2009.

AdMob is a mobile advertising marketplace that connects advertisers with mobile publishers. The company allows advertisers to create ads, choose landing pages, and target their ads with plenty of detail. Ads can be targeted to locations, carriers, phone platforms, and phone manufacturers.

Mobclix is an ad exchange provider for Android apps. Mobclix targets users based on location and the type of app to maximize the money that Android developers can make. Mobclix provides the following:

• More than 20 ad networks

• Advanced analytics

• One-hundred-percent fill rates

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