Focuses on Your Target Market

Having a marketing plan will help you focus on your target market and identify any gaps in the market that could provide new or unique opportunities for you. Many developers have an idea for an app in their head and they think they've got it all figured out without taking any time to assess their market. Does the app idea in your head address a few thousand people or does it address hundreds of thousands? Is the idea only going to appeal to a small group of hobbyists or can the idea be global? Just build an app and they will come is often what developers think. A marketing plan will cause you to carefully outline your target market and help you make the decision whether or not to proceed with your idea.

Without a marketing plan, your app may turn out entirely different from where you started. This may be okay if you produce a better app, but in most cases the app ends up being somewhat disjointed and unfocused without a plan. Your customers will immediately recognize this in the app, and the reviews will not be favorable. Start out with a clear idea of who you are developing the app for and what benefits they will gain from using it. Having a written record of this will help you gain a competitive advantage in the app market.

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