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These two companies have merged. Both companies provided analytics software for the Android with some similar features and some differing features. They are planning to merge the feature sets together and deliver enhancements to the combined solution as they have stated in the FAQs of their press release from 12/22/2009:

While Flurry and Pinch Media analytics services shares many similarities in terms of what is tracked, there are meaningful differences between each service. We are currently evaluating the feature-set of each stand-alone service, and will be combining them into a "super-set" of features for all to use in the new, unified service. So whether customers come from the Pinch side or the Flurry side, they will each have access to new features. For example, Flurry uniquely provides support for other platforms like Android as well as a unique click-stream tracking feature called "User Paths." Pinch Media offers unique features including jailbroken phone detection and the ability to evaluate data by cohorts vs. absolute date. In addition to this, the new, unified Flurry service will add more new features, delivering the largest set of relevant features requested by our customer base.

Flurry Analytics Features

Here is a quick rundown of the cost and benefits of Flurry Analytics: Cost:

• Analytics free to developers; optional (paid) solutions are forthcoming. Benefits:

• Increase revenue by satisfying users and increasing retention rates.

• Save time and money, focusing on features users care about most.

• Improve decisions—know exactly how, where, when, and by whom an application is used.

• Increase coverage by identifying problem handsets.

A screen with some of the analytics and graphs that Flurry provides is shown in Figure 17.1, whereas Figure 17.2 shows an example of the Pinch Analytics screen. I'm not sure how the combined interface will look at this point. Also, at the time of this writing, Flurry AppCircle ad revenue software was in beta testing.

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